The mViva platform supports multi-user, multi-device configurations. A user can have one or more devices registered in the system and a single device can support one or more registered users. 

A user must initially register on a single device. Once a user is registered, the workflow for adding another device or moving to a new device for that user is the same.

To get started, an mViva Administrator is required and the new/additional device must be powered and connected to the Internet. 

1) On the new device, ensure it is connected to the Internet via to a good wifi connection or a strong cellular connection.

2) Download mViva from the App Store (Google Play or Apple)

3) From the Admin Portal, send a Reset Password email to the user

4) On the new device with mViva installed, open the new reset password email and press “Setup”

5) mViva will open to the Reset Password screen, type in a new password and select “Reset Password” button. 

6) mViva will login